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  • 21 Mar 2018 6:01 PM | Anonymous

    Thank you everyone in the Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon training community and all the families for helping students prepare for and compete in the Mokomoko Invitational Tournament this past Saturday, March 17th. It was incredibly inspiring to see the clean expression of our art, Kajukenbo, in all the events. Our student body was very tough, our technique was crisp and fierce, students had great sporting behavior throughout and everyone looked out for each other amidst the chaos. The preparation our whole school underwent in leading up to this event led to a quality of confidence and courage that shined out brightly. 

  • 26 Feb 2018 7:23 PM | Anonymous

    Thank you Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon and extended community for your presence and intensity this past Saturday for the belt testing. It was an inspiring showing of Kajukenbo skills.

    The following students hold these new ranks in Kajukenbo:

    Orange Belt: Dragon McCoy and Eboni Williams

    Purple Belt: Fela Thomas

    Blue Belt: Rachel Dent and Gregory Zimmerman

    Green Belt: Risha Wallace, Carlos Rodriguez and Peter Montgomery

    Brown Belt: Delphine Varrialle, Greg Hamilton and Jamie Cope

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