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  • 5 Jan 2019 12:35 PM | Anonymous

    Classes begin on Tuesday January 8. We have begun a new calendar year and with that is a fresh opportunity to reflect on our commitments and make conscious choices about where we put our own and our families precious time and energy. If you choose to begin a new semester of Kajukenbo training, please make sure that you and your family are able to consistently make it onto the training floor twice each week.

    If you or your family are not able to continue training for any reason, please contact me by email and we can make time to reflect on what you have learned during your time at Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon and how you can take those skills into all your endeavors.

    If you and your family are choosing to continue Kajukenbo training in the new semester, please remember we are a free program. No one is required to pay anything (besides sweat) for classes, uniforms, training equipment or special events. The reason Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon has transitioned to a free program is to remove all financial barrier to any individual or family's access to the valuable skills we teach. I personally feel strongly that martial arts teaching is best offered without the bonds of monetary exchange. The instructors freely give their wisdom, heart and guts and any donation offered by students and families is given (hopefully) with joy and in an amount that makes them smile.

    The fuel Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon runs on are these freely offered donations from students, families, community supporters and Saint Columba church. Donations allow Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon to support instructors and youth leaders, purchase uniforms and training equipment, pay entry fees for special events and get supplies for celebrations. 

    New Beginners are welcome in all classes through the month of January. Please tell neighbors, colleagues, friends and family. 

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