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On Saturday April 14th, Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon will hold our annual fundraiser, the Punch and Kick-A-Thon. Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon raises money each year to offer all students uniforms and training equipment, a rich variety of martial arts training experiences, environmental education adventures, entry fees for tournaments, training camps and seminars, tickets to cultural events and many other special activities that enrich and inspire.

Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon is free to everyone and entirely supported by generous donations from participants, their families, friends and the broader community. 

Martial Arts Training teaches students to take care of themselves and their community and to protect themselves and their community against violence and abuse. At Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon, based at Saint Columba Church in North Oakland, our training is collectively dedicated to developing individual courage, creativity and clear-sightedness to reshape our society into a  one that is safe and happy for everyone.  

Punch and Kick-A-Thon 2018


Once again this year, students will choose a challenging goal for the number of punches and kicks, between 100 (the lowest number students can pick) and 10,000 (the highest number we can possibly do in 3 hours), that they will execute on Saturday April 14th  between 9am and 12 noon at the Emeryville Senior Center. Students will also set a goal for the $$$ amount that they will raise before the event date. Students will be offered bingo cards, provided at classes, to help them reach their fundraising goal or they can use this Punch and Kick-A-Thon page to track their individual fundraising efforts.

Every family should plan to participate in some way in the Punch and Kick-A-Thon. It is a super fun day, filled with punching and kicking, yummy snacks, face painting, pinatas, obstacle courses, word games and prizes. Besides supporting students in preparing to do their punches and kicks or reaching their fundraising goal, we can use volunteers on April 14th to help with all the activities. If you cannot be there on April 14th, you can still raise money and do the punches and kicks on your own time. You can support other students by donating to their efforts. You can encourage friends and family to go to the website and donate.

It is very rare to find a high-quality program for children and adults that is so deeply important for participants and costs only sweat, consistency and desire to be a part of it. Please know that the impact of the donations collected will ripple out widely, wider than any of us can imagine. Also trust that on April 14th the Punch and Kick-A-Thon will be challenging, fun and memorable day for everyone. 

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