Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon is a vibrant martial arts school offering classes in the eclectic kung fu style, Kajukenbo, to children and adults in Oakland, California. Kajukenbo training includes rigorous repetition of basic strikes and blocks, close-in fighting sets, grappling, traditional forms practice and sparring with partners. Students at Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon progress through a belt system, from white to black, and emphasis throughout the training is on developing the core martial qualities of fighting spirit, self-discipline and respect. The philosophical foundation for Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon is embedded in The Warrior’s Code, written and developed by Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon Head Instructor, Sifu Kate Hobbs, emphasizing the value of love, respect, care, responsibility, honor and peace in the martial arts practice as well as in other aspects of daily life.

 In-Class Belt Promotions and Celebration Tuesday December 12th

There will be an in-class belt promotion on Tuesday December 12th from 6 to 8pm followed by a dinner and celebration. An in-class belt test is conducted like a regular class, with all students participating, and with a special focus on this group of testers:

 Pam Harris for Orange Belt 

 Jonah Silk for Purple Belt 

 Ozzy Martinez for Purple Belt 

Please come out and support your training partners and share a meal and a toast to the students advancing to the next rank. If you are able, bring something to share for the dinner. All Oakland Kajukenbo students (Youth Program, Little Tigers, Teen/Adult Program) are welcome to attend as well as family and friends. Here is a link to sign up to make the evening special:

Sign up here to bring food to share

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